Testimonies from students:

“If there is nothing more in life to accomplish, this goal has been met. Unknown to me, this passion to help was always there. I just didn’t know it existed. I have to help – I must help. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and be able to spread the word to other adolescents who are struggling and are trying to get out.”It is very much needed!”

“Just keep providing this great training!”

“Thank you, Dr. Que, for providing this amazing awareness training.”

“I can use this knowledge to help/prevent others from making bad choices like I did.”

“I am so inspired by what I’ve heard and learned over the past 3 programs that I am convinced that I must no longer be idle. I must serve my people…”

“Thank you for dedicating your life for such a worthy cause. I have now found my passion.”

“I was a 15 year old female with low self-esteem and got in abusive relationship. His plan was to break m spirit so I took abuse from him. He set up for a man to come into a room after he beat me with a clothe hanger to have sex with me. I fought him off but he came in and beat me more. He put a gun to my head to have sex. The level of abuse was so hard yet I got away but still felt like I needed to make money sexually. It took God and a move to New York to come out of fear. I thought I could not make it without sex for money. I was wrong. Now my passion is to help other women. …This training was needed and meeting Pastor Que English.”

“This training needs to be incorporated into schools and universities, all businesses, churches, community, and health care facilities.”

“Thank you so much for providing this training. Not only has it educated me but it has also encouraged me to spread the word in my own community. A s a teacher, starting next school year, I will be incorporating teen dating violence/human trafficking in the middle school curriculum as well as starting an after school program for middle school girls that will focus on self-esteem and encouraging female so that they will not be susceptible to such evils of human trafficking and domestic violence.”

“This training has brought awareness…I have experienced a completing call to be a light and vessel of love…I thank God for this training and the vision given to Rev. Que.”

“This training has been an eye-opener for me…no longer an issue far away but near to my heart and has changed my perspective. I plan to share this with family/friends/community/workplace. Thank you so much for this opportunity.”

“With all my past experiences with sex trafficking and domestic violence, I can not only help the movement but it will also help me an d my family with healing, because of all the resources that have been provided. Thank you so much.”

“This training has been an eye opener. It has created in me a new meaning to wanting to contribute and help out within my community and becoming a part of the NOMW organization. May the blessing of this movement continue to encourage.”

“We must continue to fight and support the cause to stop all kinds of trafficking so all can have the right to a safe and caring community.”

“Great program!”

“This workshop is and has been a blessing. I find myself talking with young people as well as my family.”

“Loved the training. I hope that it can expand!”

“I intend top add this training to my existing work.”

“This training is definitely a life-changing experience and eye opener in every way. It expands your understanding and knowledge of the details of what really human trafficking and domestic violence consist of and what you can do to help and the signs of it to see and be aware of. This has equipped and educated me to become more involved through the empowerment of this training. I thank you for making it a “free” training. It helped me to come due to my financial limitations.”

“This has motivated me to take the pain and move to purpose.”

“I thank God for your heart and dedication to the program. I plan on providing education to men as a result of this training.”

“This was a very useful training and had a nice mix of audience participation, information and encouragement to be involved beyond the training.”

“God bless the Movement!”

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