Message from the CEO/Founder

Dr. Que English
Rev. Que English

CEO/Founder, Not On My Watch Inc.

Dear Readers:

Thank you for visiting our site. We are committed to being “light” to all people both in and beyond our walls. And, we challenge others to join us. We understand to be effective that before the doors of our organizations swing open, the doors of our hearts must first swing wide without judgment and without hesitation for victims and survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence.

​Our journey began with highlighting the story of Saartjie Baartman from Africa at our conference. Sex trafficked survivors shared their personal and devastating testimonies at the conference. There, attendees learned the horrors about sex trafficking on a local level. Most of us envisioned sex trafficking as a third world country problem yet it was in our backyard. It was reported that we lost over 2,300 children, average age 11-15, to sex trafficking in New York City in 2013. This number was presumably low considering unreported incidents. To date, no new numbers have been reported. Yet, there are more slaves today than were seized from Africa in four centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.  The modern commerce in human beings rivals illegal “drug” trafficking in its global reach— and in the destruction of lives (National Geographic).  As we pondered this, our question became: What are we doing about this?  We took action.

Today, we’re proud of our strong collaborative network of faith and community-based organizations, survivors, service providers and city agencies.  We’re proud of the strides and changes we’ve seen to date.  There is much more to be done.  Join us on the journey of eradicating human trafficking in our city and in our world.

Rev. Dr. Que English